site inspections

Industrial and commercial sites can be difficult to safely inspect and survey. Inspections of utility infrastructures can be time sensitive and expensive to complete. Not any more.


Drones give us the ability to safely inspect all infrastructures quickly and cost-effectively and even provide data that has never been available until now. 

The advances in technology with drones has made drone use a lot more accessible and cost effective than the traditional ground level methods. With the added benefit of an aerial viewpoint.


Surveying &


Drone surveying is a fast, accurate, and cost-effective alternative to traditional surveying. UAV aerial surveying allows for very high-detail photography – they can fly much lower to the ground, allowing them to snap higher-quality shots and to compile aerial maps.

Using our drone technology we can supply real-time, accurate positioning data on images providing

centimeter-level accurate measurements.

Drones can capture the angles and level of detail not available from other forms of image capture, and our pilots use the most cutting-edge drone systems on the market. We offer services throughout UK and Europe.


Precision Agriculture

We use agricultural drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to capture, analyse, and compile data through regular drone flights, periodically conducting flyovers and allowing farmers to monitor changes in crops, soil quality, and irrigation and helping them bring efficiency and savings to their agribusiness.

There are several aspects of precision agriculture that can be applied to various types of farming operations, but they all share a commonality – the use of technology to enhance economic performance, better use of inputs and help to mitigate environmental damage.

Growers are able to take large fields and manage them as though they are a group of small fields. This reduces the misapplication of products and increases crop and farm efficiency.


Multispectral analysis

Multispectral imagery can be helpful to Ag professionals by providing information invisible to the human eye across the electromagnetic spectrum. Having access to this data and the subsequently obtained Vegetation Index data such as NDRE and NDVI, farmers can make timely, informed decisions on crop treatment, lowering costs, saving resources, and maximising yields.

Multispectral imaging is being used in agriculture to manage crops, soil, fertilising and irrigation more effectively. Multispectral cameras mounted under our agricultural drones detect Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, and Near Infrared wavebands to capture visible and invisible images of crops and vegetation.


Our Multispectral imaging helps farmers minimise the use of sprays, fertilisers and irrigation, while increasing the yield from their fields.